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Assistant City Manager
Galen Rasmussen

City Treasurer
Ted Elder

Finance Director
Tyson Beck

Assistant Finance Director
Deputy City Recorder

David Burgoyne

City Recorder
Shawna Andrus

Information Systems
Alan West 


Administrative Department


Administrative services for the City are handled primarily by three departments located at City Hall. These departments are the Information Systems Department (including the Computer Maintenance Fund), Administrative Department and Treasury Department. Each of these departments is supervised by a department head who reports directly to the Administrative Services Director who oversees all three departments. Services provided by these departments include:
1. Computer and telephone system planning, acquisition and support
2. Accounting, accounts payable, payroll, employee benefits and city recorder services
3. Treasury, cash management and utility customer services
4. Budget preparation, special studies & analysis, insurance (general, liability & property) and vehicle licensing services

Mission and Objective

All three departments provide service to other City departments and employees to aid them in furthering their mission to serve our citizens. In addition, the Administrative and Treasury departments provide direct service to citizens within their scope of duties. As such, our mission is to anticipate and meet department, employee, vendor, and citizen customer needs through providing quality, timely and accurate administrative support services. We seek to accomplish this mission through staying in constant contact with our customers to determine how we can better meet their needs.