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Born: August 20, 1832 at Newark, Nottinghamshire, England

Father: James Briggs

Mother: Ann Ordoyna

Married: Ann Kirkham at St. Louis, Missouri about 1853

Historical Sketch of Thomas Briggs

Thomas Briggs was born August 20, 1832 at Newark, Nottinghamshire, England. At the age of six, he moved with his parents to Hull, where his father owned and operated a small vessel about the coast and on small rivers. On January 27, 1849, he embraced the gospel and was baptized.

The family, including Thomas, sailed on the ship Ellen from Liverpool, Jan 8, 1851. The ship reached New Orleans March 14, 1851. From there, they went to St. Louis, where Thomas married Miss Ann Kirkham. Then, in 1853, they moved to Baraboo, Wisconsin, then to Hebron, Wisconsin. On September 13, 1854, their first child, Ephraim was born. The next fall, 1855, Thomas hurt his knee, which later resulted in amputation of his leg about 6 inches below his hip.

Emma was born July 1, 1856. David, Sept 15, 1858. Mary Ann, April 6, 1861. They started for Salt Lake in April 1862 and were in Springfield, Illinois on April 29, 1864, when they left for Utah. Reached there September 4, 1864 and settled in Bountiful, Davis County, where he bought two acres of land, for which he paid $100.00, paying for it in molasses, which he produced and sold at $4.00 per gallon.

On March 23, 1868, he was elected School Trustee. Then he held a night school in his own home in 1874.

His ninth and last child, Martha was born on June 1, 1872. Their mother passed away July 15, 1878 [1876], and Thomas married Ann Ashdown in the St. George Temple in May 1877, where he and Brother Tuttle and his daughter Emily and Emma Briggs, his own daughter went to do work for the dead.

He went to the temple in 1877, and although he had suffered for years with a running sore on his leg, he removed the bandage each day as he went into the temple and had no discharge whatever from the sore, neither did he suffer any pain while there.

On May 1st 1883 he went to labor in the Northwestern States Mission, but was released in a short time because of his very poor health. He had the limb, which was the cause of much of his sickness, amputated on Dec 15, 1885.

From the time the Salt Lake Temple opened in 1893, Thomas felt it his mission to labor there for his dead kindred, and spent much time and money doing so.

His second wife, Ann Ashdown and two of his daughters passed away about the same time. His wife died on July 3, 1898.

He married a third wife on May 11, 1894, whose name was Ann Williams, who started two months after their marriage to England to [find?] her relatives. In 1909, she made another trip to England, and while gone, her husband became affected with a paralytic stroke, which has affected his speech ever since.

He has written a diary of his life, which is printed in book form and can be had if anyone wishes to go more in detail. Thomas Briggs' Journal, at Stake Hall Vaults, Farmington. The book from which these items are taken is called "Precious Memories," one of the Faith Promoting Series printed for the instruction and encouragement of the young Latter-Day Saints. Compiled and published by Geo. C. Lambert of Salt Lake City. Bro Briggs is now living in Bountiful and is still a great sufferer, bodily. He is very firm in his religious beliefs and feels that all of his life and suffering have been the will of his Heavenly Father.

-from the Genealogical Record of Thomas Briggs - written July, 1916

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