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Please see the Bountiful City home page calendar for the current Planning Commission agenda.

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The Bountiful City Planning and Economic Development Department works with citizens, property owners, businesses and others to create a desirable place to live, work, play, and do business. Some of the services provided include: Business licensing, development review, commercial redevelopment loans, inspections, and information on zoning ordinances that apply to commercial, industrial and residential areas.

The Planning and Economic Development Department also creates short and long term development plans to help preserve property values and encourage reinvestment. Our mission is to create and maintain a great community through caring and involved processes that insure that Bountiful City will always be the "City of Beautiful Homes and Gardens".

For Business Licensing information and/or questions, please contact Darlene Baetz at: or (801) 298-6190

For Planning and Economic Development information or questions, please contact Chad Wilkinson at: or (801) 298-6190

For Code Complaints, please submit the complaint in writing either via mail (see address below) or email:

790 South 100 East
Bountiful, Utah 84010
Telephone: 801-298-6190

General Plan:

Final 2009 Downtown Master Plan 
Final 2009 Land Use Master Plan 
Final 2009 Recreation and Trails Master Plan
Final 2009 Transportation Master Plan 

Content Available for Download in Adobe PDF Format:

The following information is provided as a courtesy by Bountiful City. This site is updated periodically, but may not contain the most recent changes to the Zoning Ordinance. The official copy of the Bountiful City Zoning Ordinance is maintained at the Bountiful City Planning Department. Copies of recently adopted or amended ordinances are kept at the City Recorder's Office and at the Bountiful City Planning Department. Please contact the Bountiful Planning Department at 801-298-6190 for further information.