Downtown Plaza



Plaza Basics
The Plaza will be located south of 100 South and west of 100 East


The Plaza will compliment Main Street by providing a unique outdoor gathering space and community amenities.

Beyond establishing a great place for Bountiful's residents, development of the Plaza will encourage investment in downtown Bountiful by expanding the number of people that visit the area and increasing visibility of Historic Main Street.

What to Expect

The final design of the Plaza will include year-round amenities such as an interactive water feature and an ice skating ribbon. Plans will be developed around the main purpose of creating a multi-use space that is inviting to families and is both functional for various community events and complimentary of Bountiful's heritage 

Plaza Funding

Taxes will not be raised to fund the Plaza

Funding is a result of prudent savings, voter-approved RAP tax revenues and an extension of the Redevelopment Area.  (Learn more about RDAs.)

Target Completion
Site work will begin early 2019.  Expect the Plaza to open late fall 2019.  


What are the goals for the Downtown Plaza?

Goal 1 - Add Vitality to Bountiful's Historic Downtown

Goal 2 - Generate Activity to support Main Street Businesses
Goal 3- Design a Great Place for Families to Enjoy Everyday Fun 

Goal 4 - Add Space to Accommodate and Grow Special Community Events
Goal 5 - Honor the Character and History of Bountiful