• The Tour of Utah is coming to Bountiful again in 2016!  Click here for more information or to volunteer.
    Click here for how traffic in the City will be impacted during the race.

  • New Bountiful Interactive Map

    To view the Bountiful Interactive Map click here

  • Mule Deer Information

    Click here for updated information on deer in Bountiful. 
  • Cemetery Fund Raiser

    Come support our fundraising effort to place a statue in the baby section of the Bountiful cemeteryat a concert on Friday, July 29 at 8:30 p.m. - after the regular concert in the Park.  Click here for more information about the fundraiser. Donations for a statue in the baby section are being accepted through Red Basket (click here to be redirected to their website), or at any US Bank branch.  For more information, click here to read the press release or here to watch Channel 4's news report.

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  • Bountiful City Downtown Plan
    Thank you to all of our citizens who came to our open house!  If you weren't able to make it, please click here for a timeline and FAQs and here for a conceptual design.  If you would like to submit a comment, please email us at openhouse@bountifulutah.gov

  • 2016 Fireworks Restrictions.  Click here for more information.  Click here for map of restricted area.  Click here for the dates fireworks can be legally discharged.
  • New and Improved UTA Service.  Click here for more information or visit rideuta.com.

Election Information
For information, click here or call 801.451.3508

Road Construction Updates

400 North from May, 2016 - Fall, 2016
Click here for more information on how to reduce delays and more project details.
Questar Notice of Construction from May - October, 2016
Click here for more information 
500 South and 200 West - June 1 - July 1, 2016
Click here for more information.

Concerts in the Park

Starts Friday, June 24 at 7:00 p.m.  Click here for complete concert schedule. Special fundraiser concert this Friday, July 29th at 8:30 p.m. after Six Feet in the Pine at 7:00 p.m.  Come support our fundraising effort to place a statue in the baby section of the Bountiful cemetery - click here for more info. You can also donate online at https://redbasket.org/952/bountiful-city-cemetery-memorial