Bountiful City

Bountiful City Deer Plan


In response to concerns and complaints regarding mule deer, Bountiful City is considering a plan to manage the deer population within City limits. The purpose of the plan would not be to remove all deer from the City, but to help control the urban mule deer population and its impact on the community.

Thank you to all who took the deer survey and provided feedback about our proposed plan for a lethal deer management program. The City Council has approved going ahead with the plan, and City staff is working with the DWR on details for implementation.  If you would like to add your name to our contact list for updated deer information, please call the City Manager's office at 801.298.6140.

The feeding of deer is prohibited by law within Bountiful City limits - City Code 10-1-121; page 203.  Please report violation of this law to the Bountiful Police at 801.298.6000.