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Deer Management Resources

If a deer is dead, sick, injured, or you find an orphaned fawn, call the Northern Region DWR Office in Ogden at 801.476.2740

For reminders on how to prevent deer damage to landscaping and gardens, you can visit the DWR website with information on landscaping plants less preferred by mule deer:

Previous Deer Program Information

Bountiful City Deer Plan
(page updated October 27, 2022)

In response to concerns and complaints regarding mule deer, Bountiful City finalized an Urban Deer Control Plan with the Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) in 2021 to manage the deer population within City limits. The purpose of the plan is not to remove all deer from the City, but to help control the urban mule deer population and its impact on the community.  The plan's effective dates are 7/29/2021 through 7/31/2025, with approved deer removal beginning on August 1 and ending on December 31 of each year.

Click here for the map of approved areas and season dates for deer removal.

The DWR, who has jurisdiction over the deer in Utah, requires all deer euthanized by the City to be processed so the meat can be used.  If you, or individuals or groups you know would be interested in harvesting the meat on a volunteer basis so the City can go forward with the plan, please email to get more information!

If you would like to add your name to our list for deer removal, please  email  Please include your name, address, phone number and email address in the email.  

The feeding of deer is prohibited by law within Bountiful City limits - City Code 10-1-121; page 203.  Please report violation of this law to the Bountiful Police at 801.298.6000.


Bountiful Urban Deer Captures (2021-2022)

2021           40 
2022           24