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Bountiful City Newsletter

February 2017


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Mayor’s Corner:  Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year Bountiful residents!  I was able to attend the inauguration of Governor Gary Herbert in January and it was a stirring experience to see our republic in action. The music was inspiring as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang  “Battle Hymn of the Republic” in that colorful and spacious rotunda. Our governor took the oath of office and gave a personal speech filled with stories of experiences he’s had and expressions of pride in our state and its people.  He shared a practical and rosy prediction for our future with optimism and a smile.

I couldn’t help feeling the same about Bountiful City and our residents. I have had other mayors tell me that “everyone wants a Bountiful address,” and it is true. We are not a city of big businesses that manufacture products, however, we appreciate where we live as we manufacture a wonderful quality of life. Oh yes, we are not without challenges, but we work hard to make the best decisions together.

So where are we headed in beautiful Bountiful? What will our future bring? Will our children want to live here when they grow up? How are we taking care of our aging population and how are we preparing for the next generation or two?  Bountiful has and will move forward in a positive and wise way. My family has lived here for 37 years and we have seen dramatic changes in our population.  Many of the older homes in the City are now occupied by young families who bring, as they always do, added enthusiasm and vitality to our community.

The year 2017 will bring new experiences to all of us.  Personally, I hope I can shed a few pounds, have a kind heart and use softer words. I want to be more tolerant of others and give more room for drivers to get in front of me. I am very optimistic about what lies ahead, and the fishing fly that is pinned to my jacket lapel reminds me that I am hooked on Bountiful and the very bright future ahead of us.