EFT Signup

       Auto Pay Signup Form



Auto Pay: You can use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to pay your bill. Your bill will be paid automatically from your bank account each month.  There are three ways to sign up for Auto Pay:

1. The easiest way is to simply complete the form on this screen, hit "Submit" and we'll take care of it!  You don't need to set up an online account.

2. Create a "Citizen Self Service" (CSS) account.  First you'll link your Utility Account to your CSS online account, THEN you can sign up for Auto Pay.  If you'd like to access your Utility Account information (including history), or pay your bill with a credit card, setting up a CSS account is the way to go!

3. Call the Utility department at 801-298-6100 and we'll take your Auto Pay information and sign you up.


NOTE: You will see two numbers on your bill.  The first number is your Account Number (this is tied to the service location, or your address).  The second number is the Customer ID (this is tied to you - the customer).  Here is an example of what you'll see: