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February 2021

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Mayor's Corner:  The Beginnning of the End!


             It is 2021 and I am feeling optimistic about the future. It is the beginning of the end! Not in a apocalyptic way, but hopefully we are getting closer to the end of this painful pandemic.

             Because I work in the assisted living industry, I recently got my first Moderna vaccine injection and it was easy. Two weeks after I receive the second vaccine, I can reach the potential of 94% immunity to the COVID-19 virus. My hope is that everyone will get this vaccine as soon as it is available to them.  This virus has caused great suffering and has taken economic, physical and emotional tolls on many of us.  However, we will get through it and we will have learned some hard and valuable lessons.

             I’m also excited about the completion – or near completion - of several wonderful projects in the City. These include the City Hall remodel and Bountiful Town Square with its unique Ice Ribbon. These completed projects now make room on the City Council’s plate for other priorities I am looking forward to getting started on including seeking your input on the future uses of the Washington Elementary School property as well as other great opportunities.   To make sure you are in the know and informed as to when this or other input processes start, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter or check our website for updates——where you can also sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter, our twice-a-month E-Newsletter, Council agendas, general information or all of the above

              Finally, smile, distance and wear your mask until you and others are safe. Get the VACCINE!!!!