Bountiful City Planning - Land Use Code


Bountiful City Nonconforming Use Policy 

The following information is provided as a courtesy by Bountiful City. This site is updated periodically, but may not contain the most recent changes to the Zoning Ordinance. The official copy of the Bountiful City Zoning Ordinance is maintained at the Bountiful City Planning Department. Copies of recently adopted or amended ordinances are kept at the City Recorder's Office and at the Bountiful City Planning Department. Please contact the Bountiful Planning Department at 801-298-6190 for further information.


Land Use Table of Contents

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Chapter 2: Administration and Procedures

Chapter 3: Definitions

Chapter 4: (R) - Single Family Residential

Chapter 5: (RM) - Multi Family Residential

Chapter 6: (C) - Commercial

Chapter 7: (DN) - Downtown

Chapter 8: (PO) - Professional Office Zone

Chapter 9: (H) - Hospital Ord

Chapter 10: (MXD) - Mixed-Use Zone

Chapter 11: (PF) - Public Facilities Zone

Chapter 12: (MWP) - Mountain Development Watershed Protection Zone

Chapter 13: (PDO) - Planned Development Overlay

Chapter 14: Supplementary Standards

Chapter 15: Design Standards

Chapter 16: Landscaping and Fencing

Chapter 17: Temporary, Seasonal and Home Occupation Uses

Chapter 18: Motor Vehicle Parking and Access Standards

Chapter 19: Sign Regulations

Chapter 20: Subdivisions

Chapter 21: Group Homes and Other Facilities

Chapter 22: Chickens in Single-Family Residential Zones

Chapter 23: (OS) - Open Space Zone