Bountiful City Code Enforcement is complaint-based. Officials do not drive around looking for violations to enforce. However, Bountiful City reserves the right at any given time to act on safety, health, or other concerns and applicable matters deemed appropriate for the general welfare of the public.

It is important to note that Bountiful City only accepts written complaints; phone calls or voicemails will not be accepted as official complaints and will not be pursued.

How to File a Complaint*

Along with the physical address and nature of the potential violation, please submit your name, phone number, and email address with your complaint. This information is required to facilitate the investigation and/or to follow up on the case status.

You may visit the Planning Department for a physical complaint form or send an email or letter to:

Bountiful City Planning Department
Attention:  Code Enforcement
795 South Main Street
Bountiful, UT 84010

Code Enforcement Investigation and Process:

It is important that residents understand the process that Bountiful City follows regarding its Code Enforcement. Once a complaint is received, it will be reasonably investigated by Code Enforcement staff.  Bountiful City will contact the property owner to notify them of the code violation. Typical cases will be given two (2) weeks to comply. Urgent matters will be given one (1) week to comply.

If the site is found in compliance by the specified deadline, a thank you note is sent to the property owner stating that the case is closed, and an email is sent to the concerned resident informing them that property complies with the Bountiful City Code.

If the site is not found in compliance within the specified deadline, a second letter and additional time may be provided by Bountiful City.

If the site is not found in compliance by the final specified deadline, the case will be forwarded to the Bountiful City Prosecutor for further action.

*The Bountiful City Code Enforcement procedure is currently being transitioned to a fully online process. The live date is not yet determined.