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Storm Water Information

Reporting Spills and Illegal Dumping

Emergency/Immediate Danger to Health                       Call 911

For Other Spill/Dumping problems, call one of the following Hotline Numbers:
Davis County Environmental Health Dept:                     801.525.5100
Bountiful City Engineering Dept:                                     801.298.6125

For problems on construction sites, call the Bountiful City Engineering Department at 801.298.6125

Bountiful City Storm Water Management Program

Bountiful City is required to comply with “Phase II” storm water regulations under the Clean Water Act.  The City has a Storm Water Management Program intended to meet the regulations and prevent pollution from entering the streams.  Comments, concerns, and questions relating to this program are welcomed, including reports of concerns on construction sites within Bountiful City.  Please direct communication to:

          Todd Christensen: or 801.298.6125

           Bountiful City Storm Water Management Program
           Appendix A - 2021 General Permit
           Appendix B – Storm Water Management Ordinance (see Title 6, Chapter 15)
           Appendix C – Bountiful City Standard Operating Procedures

Storm Water Information for Contractors

Bountiful Engineering Department has produced a document to assist contractors with storm water requirements for construction projects.  See link below:

           Construction Storm Water Packet 

Storm Water Information for Developers

Bountiful Engineering Department has produced a document to assist developers and engineers with storm water requirements for new developments.  See links below:

          Long-Term Storm Water Requirements for New Development and Areas of Redevelopment
          Appendix A:  Map of Residential Foothill Zone
          Appendix B:  Storm Water Quality Report – Form
          Appendix C:  Maintenance Agreement Form
          Appendix D:  Maintenance Plan Form 

          A Guide to Low Impact Development within Utah
          Utah City Engineers Association Storm Water Specifications

Contact the Bountiful City Engineering Department for any additional information regarding storm water requirements for developments:  801-298-6125.

Davis County Storm Water Coalition Information

Bountiful City has teamed up with other communities within Davis County to reduce pollution from entering the storm drains and receiving waters, comply with storm water regulations, and to receive input from stakeholders.  The Coalition has regular meetings, open to the public. For more information or to become involved with the coalition, please contact Todd Christensen: or 801.298.6125

Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Public service announcements

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Brochures available for download in PDF format

Tips for the Automotive Industry
Tips for Fueling Stations
Tips for Landscapers
Tips for Mobile Cleaners
Tips for Septic Systems
Tips for Pools and Spas


Parking Lots and Pavement

Rain and snow melt flows from paved surfaces into the storm drain and directly into our streams.  The runoff water picks up any pollution on its way.  It is important to regularly sweep parking lots and driveways to minimize the amount of pollution washing into Bountiful’s streams.  Keeping your driveway or parking lot clean is appreciated!


Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Bountiful City offers its residents a convenient way to dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW) which includes:

  • paint, aerosol cans, varnish, solvents, cleaner
  • used oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, fuel
  • batteries, fluorescent lamps, propane cylinders, pesticides
  • e-waste (i.e. monitors, computers, electronics)
  • smoke detectors, thermostats, fire extinguishers

The City sponsors an annual HHW drop-off day, typically in October.  A flyer is mailed with the utility bills/statements to announce the event.  

If you have HHW to dispose of at another time during the year, please contact Veolia at 801.294.7111 and speak to Nick or Jeremy.  There will be a fee.  


Floodplain Information

Booklet Available for Download in Adobe PDF Format by clicking link above

This booklet has information about:                                                               

  • flooding history in Utah
  • what to do before, during, and after a flood
  • flash floods, stream bank flooding, alluvial fan flooding, debris flow, mud slides, dam breaks, and other flooding hazards
  • urban storm water and pollution prevention,
  • understanding FEMA special flood hazard areas
  • flood insurance
  • elevation certificates

Link to the official website of the National Flood Insurance Program:


Flood Hazard Maps and Related Information

The US Congress has mandated all federally insured lenders to require flood insurance on properties that are located in “Special Flood Hazard Areas” which are those areas determined to have a 1% or greater chance of flooding in any given year.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issues maps known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), to help determine the flood risks for real property.  FIRMs can be viewed over the internet using FEMA’s Map Service Center:  The Bountiful City Engineering Department can assist inquirers about flood insurance and flood information for specific properties as follows:  the flood zone, whether property is in a “floodway”, flood depth (where information is available), flood-related hazards, natural floodplain functions, and flood protection measures.  Copies of FEMA Elevation Certificates are available for some of the properties.  A brochure about Utah floods is available to anyone interested.

Revised preliminary FIRMs for Davis County are anticipated to be released September 30, 2019.  After the preliminary maps are issued, a 30-day review of the maps will allow each community to note any questions.  Following the 30-day review, a Community Consultation Coordination Officer (CCO) meeting will be held between FEMA, Utah DEM, AECOM (DEMs contractor) and City and County staff to discuss the draft maps.  Following the CCO meeting, a public open house will be conducted (typically the same evening) to allow residents to learn about the study, view the maps, identify if their property will be impacted by the changes, become informed on any insurance or development standards that may impact their property, and allow time to ask questions to the team of experts from FEMA, State, City and County that will be in attendance.  A 90-day appeal period will begin after the meeting and open house - more information about the appeal period is provided at the CCO meeting and open house.

Those having questions about flood hazards or storm water cleanliness should contact the Engineering Department at City Hall by calling 801.298.6125.


Interactive Flood Maps

Bountiful’s Online City Maps has interactive layers for current and preliminary flood maps.  Click here to access them.

Elevation Certificates

Bountiful City has the following Elevation Certificates on file (click to view .pdf document)