Park Strip Regulations

The Flip Your Strip program is operated by the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District and all financial aid related to such must be accessand and applied for through them.

Bountiful City Park Strip Regulation


The following are the minimum standards for xeriscaping any parkstrip or other landscape area located within a public right-of-way:

A. There shall be at least one (1) street tree for every forty (40) linear feet of frontage, or fraction thereof. Street trees may be placed within the front and street side setback areas in addition to any front yard tree requirement outlined in section 14-16-109.

B. Thirty-five to fifty percent (35-50%) of the parkstrip area shall consist of live vegetation including tree canopies. Street trees placed in the front and street side setback area do not fulfill this requirement.

C. Bark, lawn clippings, chipped wood, rubber mulch, and similar loose materials are not permitted.

D. Decorative rock, white quartz rock, and gravel material shall be a minimum of two inch (2”) aggregate and shall not exceed the height of the sidewalk nor the top back of curb. Such material shall be at least three (3) inches deep and shall be placed completely on top of a weed fabric barrier that allows the permeation of water. Pavers, flagstone, cobble, or similar materials are permitted. Boulders are permitted and can exceed the top back of curb requirement. No more than fifty percent (50%) of the park strip may be concrete or similar solid paving surface including driveways and walkway approaches. Asphalt is not allowed in the park strip.

E. Bricks intended for use on buildings and lava rocks are prohibited.

F. Any area with vegetation shall be improved with a drip irrigation system or similar permanent irrigation system that covers the entire area.

G. Lawn shall not be installed in park strips.

  • This section applies to new construction of a single-family dwellings and a two-family dwelling. Existing lots/parcels with a single-family dwelling or a two-family dwelling are exempt from this requirement.
  • This section applies to new construction and additions/remodels of non-single/two-family dwellings, e.g., commercial, multi-family residential, mixed-use development, etc.

H. Materials which are proposed to be installed in areas throughout the City that are susceptible to high flows and erosion of materials from park strips as identified in Figure 16-1 shall be subject to review prior to installation by the Public Works Director, or designee.