Bountiful City Election Information

City of Bountiful 2023 Municipal Election Information

We appreciate your interest and encourage your involvement in the municipal election process. The local government level is closest to home and therefore gives you direct influence on your elected officials.  If you have questions about the election or running for office that are not answered here, please contact the City Recorder’s office at 801.298.6142.  

2023 Candidates (all for City Council)
Listed in Master Ballot Position Order
Notice of Declared Candidates for Bountiful City
Notice of Declared Candidates for Davis County

    Candidate Name
   (Click each candidate's name for more information)      
Financial Disclosure
     October 24, 2023      
Financial Disclosure
      November 14, 2023      

Financial Disclosure
       December 21, 2023        
Matt Murri      
Richard Higginson      
Chase Hathaway      
James D. Harwell WITHDRAWN (7/17/2023)   n/a n/a n/a
Bob Lindsay      
Kate Bradshaw      
Millie Segura Bahr  WITHDRAWN (7/17/2023) n/a n/a n/a
Harrison Smith      

Notice of Public Test of Voting Equipment for Primary Election 

  • Primary Election Day - September 5 - ballots will be mailed out by August 15.  Bountiful voters will just be voting on the representative for Congressional District Two - Click to view the Sample Ballot
  • General Election Day - November 21 - ballots will be mailed out by October 31

Here is some key information about our Municipal Election:

  • Held in odd numbered years
  • Council terms are for four years
  • Three Council seats are up for election in 2023 
  • The election is non-partisan (a candidate is not nominated by a party)
  • Candidates are at-large (elected by all voters in Bountiful, not just one district or precinct)

Bountiful City Political Sign Ordinance 

Where to take your ballot - The ballot drop box is located outside the west entrance of the South Branch of the Davis County Library located at 725 South Main Street (pictured below).  The library is also a Vote Center on Election Day to vote in person or if you did not receive a ballot in the mail.  In-person voting for the Primary Election will take place at the Davis County offices, 61 South Main Street, from August 29 - September 1, 2023.  You can also place your ballot in any USPS post office box as long as it is marked "received" by September 5, 2023.  There are also other ballot box locations in Davis County where ballots can also be taken.  Find the locations by clicking here.  

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