1. How many Accessory Dwelling Units can one home have?
     A property with a single-family home is limited to only one accessory dwelling unit.

2. Can I move out and rent both units?
      No, this would make the property a duplex which is only allowed under certain limitations in both land use
      and building code.

3. Can I live in either the accessory dwelling unit or main house as owner?
      Yes, the property owner can pick what unit they wish to live in.

4. I heard Bountiful only allows family members to rent this out, is that true?
      No, Bountiful does not limit to only family members.

5. What kind of updates may be required with a new accessory dwelling unit?
      The unit inside the home will need to meet egress on both the doorway leading outside, and windows for    
      bedrooms. Smoke and CO detectors will also need to be installed.

6. Can they access the unit through the stairs without separation from the
     main unit?
      No, the unit needs to be separated with either a separate entrance on the outside or a common area with
      doors to each unit.