Downtown Plaza  

A Place to Build on Tradition as We Look to Tomorrow

Much has changed in Bountiful since it was first founded almost 169 years ago. However, Bountiful retains much of its small town values and appeal.  Bountiful remains a sought-after  community in which to work and play; a great place to call “home."

In the spirit of building on valued traditions while preparing for the future, Bountiful City shares plans for the Downtown Plaza Development.

On October 25 the City Council unanimously approved relocation of the Bountiful City Hall and the contruction of a City Plaza.

Referendum Petition Deemed Not Referable (Press Release - January 31 2017)

  • Thank you to everyone who has participated in Bountiful City Downtown Plan Open Houses and focus groups and provided input. It is clear that Bountiful City has very engaged citizens. We appreciate you.

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Brief History of Development

More details: Downtown Timeline Project Site 

  • An independent study issued in 2014 identified serious issues with the current Bountiful City Hall.  Repair costs were prohibitive.
  • Moving City Hall to Stoker Building was the original hope, Sadly, intensive structural engineering analysis revealed Stoker unsound due to age, dated construction methods, and building additions.  This option is not viable.
  • Bountiful residents have long expressed a desire for a “gathering place” in order to continue to hold and even build upon events which draw us together as friends and neighbors in a community.
  • The creation of the Downtown Plaza will add vibrancy, vitality and activity to Main Street.
  • Bountiful City has received full support from Davis County and the  Davis County School District; and secured an extension of a Redevelopment Area (RDA).  This equates to a possible benefit of $21M for redevelopment.
  • Learn more about RDAs

What to Expect from the Plaza

  • The design has not been determined.  Plans will be developed around the main purpose of creating a multi-use space that is inviting to families and functional for various events and activities such as concerts, Farmers’ Market, Chalk Art Festival, Rotary Car show, etc. 
  • An interactive water feature will be part of the final concept

Benefits of Relocating City Hall to Proposed Downtown Plaza

  • Create a Civic Center for the community
  • Relocate a busy employment center to downtown
  • Bring visitors to downtown in support of locally owned shops and restaurants
  • Build on current efforts to renew and revitalize Main Street
  • Moving City Hall & developing the Plaza were integral to renewing the RDA (net benefit will yield nearly $17M— a return on investment of 261%)

Funding Sources for this Development

  •  Taxes will not increase
  •  Plaza will be funded through municipal savings and the RDA extension
  •  Funding for City Hall is result of years of prudent savings (no bond will be required)