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A high IQ is good; the information gathered as we collaborate together is even better! 


Better Insights = Better Quality of Life


Real-time information from our residents allows us to know how they feel about important issues. 


Bountiful City in Partnership with You

Bountiful City is on a Quest to Connect with Residents

For Bountiful City officials, improving quality of life for residents has always been a major success indicator. The challenge is getting needed feedback to make the best decisions possible in a timely manner.  It would be great to talk with each and every resident! However, with over 43,000 residents Bountiful City, that's a near impossible quest.  

In a sincere effort to learn more about what is important to you, Bountiful City has engaged Qualtrics, an online survey software company. This service alllows us to gather timely feedback and data through surveys. 

We invite you to take a short "opt in" survey to be a part of the Bountiful City Research Panel and have your voice heard. Your input will help us in making important decisions to enhance the quality of life in Bountiful City.
Our Promise to you:  Personal information collected by this and other  Bountiful City surveys will be used exclusively for the purpose of gathering information to help Bountiful City improve its services. We will NEVER sell, share, or distribute your personal information to third parties and we guarantee that you always have the choice to "opt out" at any time.



If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Annette Hanson in Community Development  at 801-298-6195 or e-mail




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