RAP Tax Parameters:


Bountiful City allocates RAP funds according to Utah Code Annotated 49-12-1402 


RAP funds are limited; while smaller projects may be completed in one year, larger projects will likely require several years to save the full amount needed.



Currently Bountiful RAP funds are allocated as follows:


75% dedicated to new Creekside Park = approximately $337,500 annually.


11% allocated for grants benefiting Arts and Culture Organizations and Programs = approximately $49,500 annually. 


14% reserved for other city recreation or art improvements including: trails, parks, pavilions, restrooms, park structures = approximately $63,000 annually.


RAP Tax Program FAQs

What's the purpose of the RAP Program?

The purpose of the Recreation Arts & Parks (RAP) Program is to enhance Bountiful resident and visitor experiences through investment in parks, art, cultural, and recreational offerings. 

How does the RAP Program work?  Is RAP new to Bountiful?

Recreation, Arts and Parks (RAP) tax is an existing sales tax which allows Bountiful City to collect 1¢ for every $10 spent in Bountiful. While this amount doesn't sound like much, these pennies add up to good things for Bountiful residents.  

Since 2008, the funds generated have allowed Bountiful City to invest in the arts, better parks and trails, and to lend support to cultural groups and other local programs which enhance quality of life for Bountiful residents.

In November 2014, Bountiful voters approved a 10 year extension of Bountiful's RAP Tax. Bountiful City collects approximately $450,000 annually; these funds enable Bountiful City to participate in great projects that would not happen otherwise.

Who is impacted by RAP Tax?  

Because the RAP tax is a sales-tax increment, its impact is not on Bountiful residents only, but is shared by all who pay sales tax on retail purchases within the city. 

Due to the diversity of projects funded, RAP Tax funding benefits all residents

How have RAP Tax funds been used in Bountiful?  Some of the projects funded include:

  • Joint investment with Centerville City in the CenterPoint Legacy Theatre
  • Building Creekside Park on 600 East Mill Street
  • Support and improvements for the Bountiful Davis Arts Center
  • Cultural arts programs including: Chalk Art, Bountiful's Got Talent, Open Mic, Summerfest, Plein Air Arts
  • Moving the Historic Willey Cabin to the new Bountiful Museum

How Does Bountiful determine how to use RAP funds?

In late 2017 Bountiful City issued a public survey to learn what projects are important to residents.  Based on what was learned from a significant response to that survey, the Mayor, Council and Staff have created a five year RAP Project Plan.

Looking to the future, what are Bountiful's Rap project priorities?

FY 2019      Brickyard Bark Park
                   Eggett Park to Holbrook Canyon Connection

FY 2020      Purchase property for North Canyon Trailhead

FY 2021      Construct North Canyon Trailhead

                   Replace Eggett Park Playground Equipment

FY 2022      Build Lower Ward Canyon Trail

FY 2023      Reconstruct Cheese Park Pickleball Courts

RAP Tax Informational Brochure