Stoker School 


 Stoker School building is held in high regard by many. The foundation of what makes Stoker School significant and dear isn’t truly the building, it’s what happened in the building and in the hearts and minds of those who attended: The generosity of the Stoker family, the lessons taught and learned, the first hot lunches made from local farmer donations, the initiation of dreams, and the memories made on playgrounds and within the walls are what make Stoker School so dear.

While it is hard to say "goodbye" to Stoker School,  we never have to say "goodbye" to the hope that Stoker always engendered.  Stoker has influenced the lives of so many; the ripple effect of that influence provides a stepping stone to the future. 

The Decision to Remove Stoker School

As Bountiful City considered relocating city hall, leaders hoped to renovate Stoker School for that purpose.  

Extensive structural tests, over a period of 6 months-taken from 80 different locations, revealed disappointing news that the structural integrity of the edifice had been seriously compromised due to poor original construction materials and methods, as well as multiple renovations. Testing revealed three of four sections of the building did not meet structural standards.

In many places, unreinforced masonry walls showed irregularities in brick sizes and mortar—gaps between the three-layers of bricks that were used to make those walls—and the need for extensive reconstruction and upgrades. Consultants estimated it would cost tens of millions of dollars to refurbish Stoker School.

While Bountiful City no longer plans to move city hall operations, City leaders still have substantiated knowledge of safety concerns with the structure and an informed responsibility for the safety and well-being of future occupants. As a result, Stoker is scheduled to be removed this summer. Bountiful City is working closely with the Utah Division of State History, as well as the Bountiful Historical Society, to select and preserve important artifacts and to find ways to honor the spirit of Stoker.

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